Venue and accommodation

0PlanSwissTech-02-01The seminar sessions and plenaries take place at EPFL – Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, in the SwissTech Convention Center:

SwissTech Convention Center

Route Louis-Favre 2

1024 Ecublens

long. 46.522840, lat. 6.564595

how to reach Swiss Tech

With public transport

From Lausanne, railway station

Use the North exit of the railway station, go accross the road to take the metro M2, station Lausanne-gare, in front of the railway station for one stop to Lausanne-Flon. Reach the M1 platform – terminus Lausanne-Flon – with the stairs or elevator. Take the M1, direction Renens-gare, to the station EPFL. Disembark at the station EPFL, which is situated directly in front of the SwissTech Convention Center.

From Renens, railway station

Reach the M1 platform – terminus Renens-gare – and take the M1, direction Lausanne-Flon, to the station EPFL. When you arrive at the EPFL station, use the underground path to cross the rails, then use the stairs or the ramp to reach the SwissTech entrance level.

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Some suggestions for arranging your stay in Lausanne:

$          Youth hostel near the lake (43 CHF – 69 CHF)

$          Guest house near the central station (34 CHF – 87 CHF)

$$        Swisstech hotel inside the epfl (100 CHF)

$$$      Ibis hotel in the city centre (160 CHF)

An interesting alternative could be the  Airbnb service